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Inaugural 2019 Event - FutureHAUS with Diane Thorsen of Perkins & Will

A wonderfully enlightening presentation from Diane about FutureHAUS who were the only US based Team of 14 entering the Solar Decathlon Middle East East in 2018.

2018 Iftar EVent - Dubai

Embodying Biophilic Design

This session will provide an overview of Biophilia - biophilia and human spaces through history. Dragana will explore the global impact of Biophilic design in the workplace, public space and hospitality as well as geographical impact on Biophilic design with two UAE case studies. To conclude, she will look ahead at the future of development of Biophilic design and what this means for the CRE and FM industry.

Speaker: Dragana Cemalovic Ndedu B.ID M.F.A.; Associate, Bluehaus Group

The Working Sm@rt Method

WorkingSm@rt® is a flexible and practical combination of behaviour changing methods, best practice tools and process that can transform the way you work. With the WorkingSm@rt method you will gain control over your day, find balance, reach your goals and focus on the tasks that are important to you and your company. This is a ‘introductory’ session.

Speaker: Wanda Bronkhurst - Regional Director, Priority Management

How Flexible is Flexible? A presentation by JLL

Speaker: Craig Plumb, Head of MENA Research, JLL

 The discussion

Craig discussed and provided the following information:

  1. Dubai office market overview based on the JLL’s report for Q4-2017 included UAE and Dubai macroeconomic overview; prime rental clock; office supply and performance.
  2. Workspace, reworked included technology and organizational changes as the main factors influencing the Real Estate change; workplace as service; locating the new workforces and change in action/co-working.
  3. Mapping the growth of flexible office space included defining the flexible office space; different co-working and service models as well as other models and the case study done for central London showing how flexible working drives office activity.
  4. Flexible office space in Dubai included the limited supply of co-working space; the market shares of top 3 operators: Regus, Myoffice and Servcorp.

The summary

Flexible ways of working are requiring more flexible office space solutions. While not a major part of the office landscape in the Middle East to date, flexible office space is a growing global trend that will have a major impact upon local markets over the next 5 years.

About 320,000 m2 space leased to co-working operators in central London over last 4 years (15% of total absorption).

Dubai currently has limited supply of co-working space (about 80,000 m2) which is about only 1% of the total office space.

Regulatory environment has been the major constrains in Dubai but this may change with more flexible regulations in the future. 

CoreNet Young Leaders Event 19th April, 2017


How ‘do’ you roll out IFM across 24 countries in one hit

Tuesday 30th August 2016

Compensation and Benefits, and the challenges of recruiting in the Real Estate Sector in the ME

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4 Dec 2012 - Khalifa Port and Kizad

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8 May 2012 - Integrated Facilities Management at Standard Chartered Bank - The story so far 
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14 December 2011 - Saudi Market Update, with John Harris, Director, Jones Lang LaSalle, kindly
sponsored by Tatweer Holdings

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13 October 2011 – The Global Economic Conversation (Paris Summit Connect).  Please click

29 September 2011 – New Ways of Working. Please click here.

12 July 2011 - Compensation and Benefits, and the challenges of recruiting in the Real Estate Sector in the Middle East.  Please click here.